Analysis Huayuan’s Standard Mica Sheet Recently

Aug. 23, 2018

The Mica Flakes are composed of polysilica muscovite, quartz, garnet and rutile, etc., such as albite, zoisite and hard chlorite. The garnet is rich in Fe and Mg, and the Si in the polysilicon muscovite can reach 3.369. It is also a high pressure combination. With insulation and low loss thermal resistance, it is still a good black body.

The natural Mica Sheet is a mica part with a certain thickness and a certain shape after being stripped, thickened, cut, drilled or punched. The product is suitable for TV sets, power capacitors, thermal relays, monitor displays. , aerospace, aviation, communications, radar, heat-resistant matrix tablets, etc. as raw and auxiliary materials. Points: electric heater chip, electric heater chip, gasket, electron tube piece, bulb piece, because its material is natural mineral product, it has the characteristics of no pollution, insulation and good voltage resistance. It can be punched according to customer's requirements. 

Mica Sheet