Application Analysis Of Muscovite Mica in Cosmetics

Sep. 20, 2018

Muscovite Mica is a widely used rock-forming mineral. It is one of the Non-metallic Mineral Products. It has very good insulation, thermal insulation properties and chemical stability, so it is used in many fields. Because Muscovite has a unique sheet structure, silky luster and smooth texture, it has been promoted and applied in the field of makeup. What are the applications of the muscovite in the cosmetic field? What is the main role?

Muscovite Mica is the preferred raw material for the cosmetics industry. Cosmetics are used by every beauty person. The primary purpose of using cosmetics is to make skin more shiny, tender and elastic. This requires soft touch, soft gloss, good affinity and strong skin. Wait. The muscovite used in cosmetics is carefully selected. It has a unique sheet structure, silky luster and smooth texture. It can make the cosmetic powder as silky and delicate, with excellent texture and good skin. Affinity and crystal brilliant effect to meet the needs of the makeup artist.

It can be said that Muscovite Ore is already the first choice for high-grade cosmetics. It has been widely used in cosmetics such as powder cake, honey powder, eye shadow, liquid foundation, blush and honey Mica Powder. Moreover, Muscovite has a pearlescent effect, so it is also used in products such as nail polish, lipstick, and eye cream.

Muscovite Mica