How Does Biotite Mica Differ From Muscovite Mica?

Nov. 08, 2018

There are several differences in between the two. Muscovite Mica Supplier will start with chemical composition for you.

Muscovite KAl2(AlSi3O10)(OH,F,Cl)2

Biotite K(Fe,Mg)3ALSi3)10(OH)2

You should see a major difference in the chemical makeup. The Muscovite is Aluminum wealthy and Biotite is Iron/Magnesium wealthy.

Biotite Mica may have an array in composition which changes dependent on the ratio of Iron into Magnesium. Pure Iron Biotite is named Annite and pure Magnesium Biotite is named Phlogopite. In the event the Iron to Magnesium ratio is approximately 2:1 then the title is Siderophyllite along with the alteration of the ratio contributes to an ending member which has not been granted an official title but a few predict it eastonite.

This is a result of the magnesium and iron. However, Muscovite Mica is normally very light in colour or even colorless.

Muscovite Mica