Synthetic Mica Material for Extreme Applications

Apr. 19, 2018

China Synthetic Mica is artificially obtained material, similar to Natural Mica Powder, but with much better properties. Up to now it was mostly used as flakes or powders.

Currently, we can offer synthetic mica in the form of plates and discs.

Space industry, microwave technology, medical equipment, high-temperature technologies - these are just some areas of application of Synthetic Mica Sheets. Research institutes and new technology companies are interested in synthetic mica. Maybe you should take a closer look to this incredible material.

Synthetic mica meets the extreme requirements of modern technology:

it can be used at temperatures from -100°C to 1 100°C, even at high temperatures practically don't emit any gas, and thus does not degrade the vacuum, is chemically stable (even in contact with concentrated hydrochloric or sulfuric acids). It is extremely resistant to weather conditions, ideally transmits electromagnetic radiation (light) over a wide range (UV to IR), it is perfectly transparent and clear. It is an excellent dielectric, even at high temperatures.

It is not sensitive to conditions of long storage.

Synthetic Mica Sheets