Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Work ?

Jan. 02, 2019

The hot pink salt is not only for scatter over dinner or even a relaxing tub . Himalayan Salt Lamp have made their way out of specialization apothecaries into decoration magazines. The lamps are created from strong Himalayan salt in Pakistan. They're lit from the inside using a bulb, and the mix provides a comparatively dim, floral light.

The appeal is not just visual. Many consider that salt lamps possess health advantages from treating asthma to detoxing a space. Producers of the lamps assert they discharge helpful negative ions to the room and wash the atmosphere. However, do they actually work?

Salt Lamp Manufacturer understand that the advantages of negative air ionization have been detected by accident in a 1998 research on seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The research demonstrated that high-intensity bad ion remedies can decrease chronic depression and SAD. Other research have demonstrated similar outcomes.

So far there aren't any scientific research on the capability of Himalayan salt lamps to make negative ions. On the other hand, the couple ions, if any, emitted by the salt are not the same as the negative air ion machines utilized in clinical trials, as stated by the Columbia University Medical Center. The Negative Ion Information Center tried to check the number of ions introduced by a favorite Salt Lamp and discovered that the ion emissions were so reduced they could hardly be quantified.

There's also no signs the salt lamps have the very same results on SAD and chronic melancholy.

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