Main Use Of Phlogopite Mica

Sep. 03, 2018

Phlogopite Mica, one of the muscovite minerals, is an aluminosilicate containing iron, magnesium and potassium. Muscovite Mica is the most used in industry, followed by phlogopite. It is widely used in the building materials industry, fire protection industry, fire extinguishing agents, welding electrodes, plastics, electrical insulation, paper, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigments and other chemical industries. Ultrafine Mica Powder is used as a functional filler for plastics, paints, paints, rubber, etc., which can improve its mechanical strength, enhance toughness, adhesion, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. In addition to its high electrical insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, elasticity, toughness and slidability, heat-resistant sound insulation, and small coefficient of thermal expansion, it is also the first to introduce a smooth surface, large diameter-to-thickness ratio, regular shape, and attached Strong and other characteristics. The industry mainly uses its insulation and heat resistance, as well as acid, alkali, pressure and strip resistance, as insulation materials for electrical equipment and electrical equipment; secondly, it is used to manufacture steam boilers and smelting furnaces. Windows and mechanical parts.

Our factory has strong technical force, perfect testing means, complete product specifications and first-class equipment. The quality of our products is stratified, segmented, graded, responsible, and all levels of management are quality control, strict implementation of international standards, factory pass rate of 100%, gradual improvement of superiority rate, some products have exceeded international standards, and gradually to international standards Boundary. Our company's phlogopite products are sold well in Southeast Asia and Europe, and are well received and trusted by our customers.

Our factory mainly produces phlogopite, Mica Flake, phlogopite powder and other phlogopite series products; our factory also operates muscovite, biotite, natural color mica, vermiculite, quartz sand and other Non-Metallic Mineral Products. Our products are widely used in electrical appliances, welding electrodes, rubber, plastics, paper, chemicals, paints, coatings, pigments, ceramics, cosmetics, new building materials and other industries.

Phlogopite Mica