The Mechanism Of Use Of Huayuan Sericite Mica

Dec. 10, 2018

Sericite Mica is a kind of natural fine-grained Muscovite Mica. It is a layered silicate. It can be formed into a very thin sheet. The thickness of the sheet can be less than 1um (in theory, it can be cut into 0.001um), and the ratio of diameter to thickness is large. Good abrasion resistance and wear resistance; heat resistant insulation; difficult to dissolve in acid and alkali solution; chemically stable. Do you know the mechanism of use of Sericite Mica in the rubber industry? Now, the professional Sericite Mica Supplier will explain it to you in detail.

1. Due to the "volume enlargement effect", the two-dimensional sheet-like structure with high aspect ratio is highly oriented in the product, which shows that the specific plane orientation situation complements the intermolecular forces, thus reflecting excellent reinforcement. Results.

2, ultra-fine particle size, lattice hazard, together with the appearance of active cooking, so that it has a strong surface energy, Sericite Mica particles in the rubber system symmetrical, abundant coating, constitute a collective network structure, and thus raise the product Mechanical function.

3. Due to the polarizing effect of mineral crystals and the intervening effect of inter-layer water molecules, the functions of UV, microwave and infrared rays of sericite barrier are stronger than all inorganic mineral fillers, so it can greatly enhance the anti-aging function of products.

4. The unique physical and chemical functions of sericite, such as heat resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-wear and elasticity, have a certain synergistic effect and dedication to the above functions of the product. 

Sericite Mica