What Is The Role Of Mica Powder In Rubber?

Sep. 08, 2018

Some customers asked us about the benefits of adding Mica Powder to the rubber. Today Huayuan Mica will give you a brief introduction to the benefits of adding mica powder to rubber.

Mica powder is a Non-metallic Mineral Products, which has a wide range of functions, but many people may not know that it also plays a large role in rubber. Here I will tell you about the role of mica powder in rubber. A gas tightness of rubber is an important performance for many rubber products. Commonly used are inner tubes, bladders and many life-saving appliances. Then we need to improve the airtightness of the rubber. At this time, we need to use the mica powder.

Mica powder has a role, it can improve the airtightness of rubber. Specifically, it can be expressed as: a kind of Wet Ground Mica in mica powder, which has excellent flaky crystal form, which can be used in materials. A layer barrier is formed inside. The effect of this barrier can be used in this rubber.

Mica Powder