Who Can Supply The Sericite Mica?

Nov. 20, 2018

Sericite Mica is a organic fine grained mineral belonging to the mica group. Sericite is a fine grained mica, very similar to Muscovite Mica and illite belonging to some bunch of natural occurring minerals. Formation of sericite is via the change of feldspars mineral in regions which were exposed to hydrothermal alteration normally connected with tin, copper, or other hydrothermal ore deposits. It's a hydrated potassium alumina silicate with comparable mineral composition and arrangement to kaolin. Consequently, it has the attribute of mica in addition to clay vitamin with SG roughly 2.6- 2.9. This exceptional China Sericite Mica has exceptional smoothness with an extremely fine particle size.

The primitive fine clay are recovered in the ground by excavating it after taking off the overburden which changes regarding the distinct site. They are then processed to several forms of ground mica powder through the moist or dry procedure.

Mica Powder can be used in industrial applications including paints and in decorative applications, mold lubricant in the rubber business, fluxing agent in welding electrodes and reinforcement from plastics.

Sericite Mica