Four Steps of Purification of Biotite Mica

Mar. 19, 2018

The follows are the four steps of the general method of purification of Biotite Mica:

1.Dry winnowing: the use of wind power to separate the mineral density, especially Mica Powder, because it is lamelllar shape and can fly far in the air.

2.Inclined vibration: because different types of ore particles are subjected to different amount of friction when moving on the inclined plane, they have different velocity. 

3.Extrusion: using the biotite elastic not easy broken characteristics. 

4.Clean: because of the sample by broken many times, there has rock forming mineral powder on the surface, it should put into the water or alcohol, and rub moves with fingers gently, washed way the biotite, and it can be cleaned.

Biotite Mica