How To Choose A High Quality Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Mar. 22, 2019

It's possible to purchase machines that create negative ions, but I have found that spending  time outdoor and having Salt Lamp around the home indoor are less expensive alternatives that offer other benefits as well.

Salt lamps cost less than many other types of lamps, and a high quality one can last for decades.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are interested in adding a salt lamp to your home, choose ones with these features for best quality:

1. Orange Color-- Darker coloured lamps are usually considered higher quality. Lamps should specify that they're 100% Himalayan Salt Lamp, as cheap imitations can use lower quality salt.

2. Size– The bigger the salt lamp, the bigger the affect. Smaller lamps weight 5-6 lbs while larger ones can weigh up to 50 lbs. Smaller Peaceful Salt Lamp are typically much less expensive, so we keep 1 or 2 in smaller rooms and 2 or 3 in larger rooms of our home.

3. Rough Surface; 4. Bulb