Introduction of Cosmetics Grade Mica

Nov. 06, 2017

Cosmetics Grade Mica can replace the pearlescent pigment, and endow the product with luster. For moisturizing products can inhibit the evaporation of skin moisture. High efficiency shielding ultraviolet light. The hygienic index of mica for cosmetics grade is very harsh. Mica Powder is a natural mineral product, which has high chemical stability, it is safe, non-toxic and harmless and suitable for cosmetics.

Mica Flakes have strong pearlescent luster, especially when the particle size is appropriate, it can enhance the luster effect of cosmetics. Because the wafer is very thin and covering ability is strong, only a small amount of the products are needed to form an invisible UV protective agent and brightening agent on the surface of the skin. 

Cosmetics Grade Mica

Mica for Cosmetics Grade