How To Distinguish Mica Powder

May. 27, 2018

Mica Powder identification is very simple, based on experience, roughly the following methods, for your reference only:

First, the whiteness of mica powder is not high, about 75 or so. Frequently asked questions from customers, the reaction whiteness of mica powder is about 90. Under normal circumstances, the whiteness of mica powder is generally not high, only about 75. If doped with other fillers such as calcium carbonate, talc, etc., whiteness will be greatly improved.

Second, mica powder is a sheet structure, take a beaker, add 100ml purified water, stir with a glass rod, you can see that the mica powder suspension is very good; other fillers include transparent powder, talcum powder, calcium carbonate and other products, suspension No mica powder is excellent.

Third, get a little, painted on the wrist, a little pearl effect; mica powder, especially Sericite Mica, has a certain pearl effect, widely used in cosmetics, coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries. If the purchased pearl powder has poor pearlescent effect or no pearl effect, care should be taken at this time.

Mica Powder