How To Identify the Wet Ground Mica Powder?

Oct. 30, 2017

Follows are identification method of Wet Ground Mica Powder:

1.Sedimentation method: the principle of wet mica powder is very thin, has good suspension, and Dry Ground Mica Powder wafer thickness, contains more quartz powder, poor suspension. 

2.Density method: the principle is the mica wafer of wet mica powder is thin and difficult to form close packing.

3.The bulk density of the powder has been poured into full play loose, the cylinder to a weighing scale, calculation of proportion.

4.The solid density of the wet ground mica is usually about 0.5g/ml, the dry ground mica is 0.7-0.8g/ml.

5.Pearlescent effect: wet mica powder forms obvious pearly luster. The poorer the pearlite, the lower the mica content and the bad the wafers.

Wet Ground Mica Powder