What Are the Effects of Peaceful Salt Lamp?

Jul. 19, 2019

1. Release of negative ions: Labs around the world have experimented with various test methods. Himalayan Salt Lamp crystals can emit ions around, and mainly produce negative ions. The Peaceful Salt Lamp absorbs water from the air, then evaporates, then absorbs water, evaporates, and alternates back and forth, during which time ions are continuously generated.

2. Anti-radiation: After the Peaceful Salt Lamp is lit, it can release the frequency called “Schumann wave”, which can naturally adjust and suppress the high-frequency electromagnetic waves generated by the electric appliance.

Peaceful Salt Lamp

3. Purify the air and remove bacteria: Peaceful Salt Lamp can remove the smell and odor of the air; absorb and remove dust mites, pollen, micro-bacteria, germs, etc. in the air. It can adjust common diseases of children such as allergies and asthma, and can regulate the immune system.

4. Relieve stress: The pressure brought by work and life makes people often in tension and anxiety. If they are in this state for a long time, the physical and mental health of the human body will be greatly affected. The soft light released by Peaceful Salt Lamp can effectively alleviate the gray state of people's mind and create a comfortable space environment.