What Are The Factors that Determine the Quality of Phlogopite Mica?

Jun. 24, 2019

As a Wet Ground Mica Exporter, let us explain the factors that determine the quality of phlogopite ore.

Phlogopite Mica is divided into dark phlogopite (brown or green in various shades) and light-colored phlogopite (light yellow in various shades).

Light-colored phlogopite is transparent and has a glassy luster; dark phlogopite is translucent. Glass luster to semi-metallic luster, cleavage surface is pearl luster.

The sheet is elastic and non-conductive. The microscope is colorless or brownish yellow under transmitted light. Pure Phlogopite Mica is the superior insulating material in the electrical industry and is widely used in real stone paints.

The determinants of Phlogopite Mica's ore quality include three: the size of the effective use area; the appearance quality that affects the effective area; and the electrical properties of the crystal.

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Phlogopite Mica