How Long Does Himalayan Salt Lamp Last?

Jun. 21, 2019

How long can a salt lamp last? As a Salt Lamp Factory, let's explain it to everyone.

Unless there is an accident, the Himalayan Salt Lamp will be permanent. Its crystalline form has more than 250 million years of history, so you can expect it to stay in your home for decades.

When your salt lamp is sweating, it is important to understand that it does not shrink or melt. It is a large piece of salt, so it absorbs moisture from the air, especially when it is placed in a humid environment, it releases it in the form of wet plaques that you see.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

If this happens, you can solve this problem easily by opening the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

So don't worry if your crystal salt lamp dissolves or melts. The only thing that can destroy or melt a salt lamp is when you soak it in water or let it fall from a height and damage it.

However, its electrical components are another matter, especially the bulbs, which need to be replaced regularly.