The Magical Effect Of Mica Powder In Anti-corrosion Coatings

Jun. 14, 2019

Mica Sheet Supplier will explain the magical effect of mica powder in anti-corrosion coatings.

Mica powder is a sheet-like structure used for scale coatings, which can be physically shielded, shields sunlight from UV rays from damaging the paint film, thickens the anti-corrosion layer, inhibits the penetration of corrosive media, and reduces residual stress in the lining.

Glass scales and stainless steel scales are commonly used for heavy-duty coatings. However, the processing of glass flakes and stainless steel flakes is difficult, the price is high, and the amount used in the paint is large so that the heavy anti-corrosion coating prepared thereby has high cost and is difficult to promote. Mica scales are widely available, inexpensive, have excellent insulation, elasticity, and flexibility, large diameter-to-thickness ratio, small thermal expansion coefficient, inertness in various chemical media, anti-ultraviolet radiation, after surface treatment with a coupling agent, completely Replacing expensive glass scales and stainless steel scales to reduce costs. In addition, the mica scales have 20-1000 mesh specifications. Different sizes and grades of mica powder can be used to increase the compactness of the paint film and reduce the breathability of the paint film. For example, the use of mica scales for the preparation of water-based silicone-acrylic latex paints effectively improves the water resistance and chemical resistance of the paint film.

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