Mechanism of Use of Sericite Mica

Aug. 28, 2019

China's sericite mineral resources are large and widely distributed, but they are worthless development and utilization. According to the genesis of sericite deposits, sericite deposits are generally classified into schist-type sericite deposits, porphyry altered sericite deposits, volcanic-altered sericite deposits, secondary quartzite-type illite sericite deposits, and claystone. The type of sericite illite deposit, which is mainly developed and utilized by the schist-type sericite mine, is characterized by the mica characteristics of this type of sericite deposit. As a Mica Factory, let's talk to you about the use of sericite in the rubber industry.

1. Two-dimensional sheet-like structure with high aspect ratio due to "volume enlargement effect". The highly directional sequence in the product reflects the specific plane orientation and complements the intermolecular forces, thus reflecting the excellent reinforcing effect.

2. Ultra-fine particle size, lattice hazard, together with the appearance of active cooking, so that it has a strong appearance. Sericite Mica particles are evenly distributed and coated in the rubber system to form a collective network structure, which in turn raises the mechanical function of the product.

Sericite Mica

Sericite Mica

3. Due to the polarizing effect of mineral crystals and the intervening effect of interlayer water molecules. The function of UV, microwave and infrared rays of the sericite barrier are stronger than that of all inorganic mineral fillers, so it can greatly enhance the anti-aging function of the products.

4. The unique physical and chemical functions of sericite, such as heat resistance, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-wear, and elasticity, have a certain synergistic effect and dedication to the above functions of the product.

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