Physical Properties and Principles of Mica Flake

Mar. 12, 2018

The Mica Flake itself is transparent and colorless completely, its melting point is up to 1250 degrees and properties have no change below 600 degrees high temperature. As the thermal conductivity of PET is only 0.03, the heat conduction rate of mica flake is more than 5 times than PET. Nano mica surface has charge, so that hydration and water content is high. Water will be removal at 500 degrees above. High water content also drives the cooling effect. High thermal conductivity and high heat absorbing effect make the nano layer Mica Powder become a new generation cooling material. 

When the thickness of film layer is reduced, the influence of the scattering effect on the heat conduction is more and more significant. The heat conduction coefficient perpendicular to the film direction decreases, but the transverse thermal conductivity increases gradually. 

Mica Flake