Mica Powder Change the Optical Property of Plastic

Dec. 14, 2017

Mica Flakes has the functions of reflecting, radiating infrared, absorbing and shielding ultraviolet light. Such as adding high quality Wet Ground Mica Powder in plastic sheeting, mica sheet reflected infrared radiation, can make the light through the film after hard by the thermal radiation, to improve the heat preservation effect of greenhouses. In this application, the purity and flake structure of mica powder are particularly important. The impurities will reduce the enhancement effect of mica powder and the influence of transparency, which reduce the shed light. At the same time, the effect of blocking infrared radiation is poor if the sheet structure is poor.

Drugs, cosmetics, food and other products need to shield light radiation, especially ultraviolet radiation, in order to improve the storage performance of the products. 

Mica Flakes