The Advantages of Wet Ground Mica Powder in Paint Compared to other Fillers

May. 02, 2018

Wet Grond Mica Powder can be mixed into the paint to replace zinc powder, aluminum powder, magnesium powder and titanium metal powder. The foreign paint factories have used Wet Mica Powder in paints. It has many advantages. 

Addition of Mica for Paint can more standardize the quality of linen oil civil paint. Lactic acid and other waters are diluted for external use, and civil paint will have longer life. 

Metal protection and maintenance of paint: domestic cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats have been gradually adopted to prolong their lifespan, and have significant protection capacbilities to enhance the lubricity and color of the paint. 

After the wet mica powder is added, it can be used as an internal wall lacquer for internal use, including vinyl chloride, butadiene milk and so on.

Mica for Paint