What Are the Advantages of Mica Powder in Anti-corrosion Coatings?

Mar. 09, 2018

Mica powder is a Non-metallic Mineral Product, containing various components. It has characteristics of good elasticity, toughness, insulation, high temperature resistance, strong adhesion and so on. Mica Powder is a good additive. The application advantages of mica powder in latex paint and anti-corrosive paint are as follows:

1.Reduce UV or other light and heat damage to the paint film, improve coating weatherability, electrical insulation, waterproof, etc, make the coating bright and beautiful.

2.The two dimensional flake structure of high diameter makes the coating have stronger scrubbing resistance, enhance the comprehensive mechanical properties. 

3.Many good characteristics and excellent adhesion improve the heat and anti-corrosion properties of the coating.

Non-metallic Mineral Product