What Is the Most Economical and Effective Method for Mica Mineral Processing?

May. 08, 2018

The new type of mica-based composite insulation material is different from the traditional mica paper, mica board, mica tape reinforcement, and reinforcement technology. It is a new molding technology that directly adds reinforcing materials to increase the material strength during the preparation of composite materials. The purpose of improving the overall performance of the insulating material.

The method of refining Mica Powder varies depending on the nature and type of mica. Mica Sheet is generally hand-selected, friction-selected, and shape-reported; crushing mica is used for winnowing and flotation.

According to the structure characteristics of mica itself and the selective mineralization of minerals in the ore, the mica is husked and the harmful impurities such as quartz, feldspar, a small amount of clay minerals and vermiculite in the ore are ground, and then sieved to wind. This method is currently the most economical and effective method for mica benefication, and it is also one of the benefication methods validated by many manufacturers over the years.

Mica Sheet