Brief Introduction of Multicolour Red Granite

Mar. 26, 2018

Inside this day of synthetics, Multicolour Red Granite is among the merchandise that man cannot re-invent. The uses of quartzite and a number of reasons it is avoided are summarized below. Decorative Use Quartzite can be an extremely attractive stone when it's colored by inclusions.

Stone Tools Quartzite has been utilized by humans to earn stone tools for more than one million decades. The Biotite Mica is an incredibly common type of mica powder. As a result of its tendency to pull magnets, magnetite is frequently used to track down magnets and magnetic fields. As mentioned above, it is a significant ore of iron, it has a wide variety of uses, like coating, paint, cosmetic, rubber and so on. Huayuan has been in the line of various mica powder for many years. Welcome to inquiry freely.

Multicolour Red Granite