The Formation Process of Muscovite Mica

Oct. 16, 2017

Muscovite Mica also called ordinary mica, potassium mica or mica, is one of the mica minerals. Muscovite is a good electric insulator and thermal insulator, and it can produce a large quantity, so it has important economic value. It is commonly found in metamorphic rocks, but also in rocks such as Granite Igneous Rock. Muscovite is not just white, it can be lighter brown, green, red to colorless, with glass luster to silk luster. A collection of six square crystals or fine particles with a large plate shape.

Muscovite mica has high degree of basal cleavage, and its color varies from colorless to light, which is caused by the mixture of isomorphism. It has characteristics of sheet elasticity. Muscovite is a very wide distribution of rock making mineral. Muscovite can form Sericite Mica in metamorphic process of low grade area.   

Muscovite Mica