Special Mica Powder for Fire Retardant Coatings

Dec. 11, 2017

The most used in industry is Muscovite Mica, followed is phlogopite mica. It is widely used in building materials industry, fire fighting industry, fire extinguishing agent, welding rod, plastic, electrical, rubber and so on. 

Ultrafine Mica Powder as functional filler, can improve its mechanical strength, toughness, adhesion, corrosion resistance. In addition to its high electrical insulation, acid and alkali resistance, elasticity, toughness and slipping, heat and sound insulation. The industry mainly uses its insulation and heat resistance, as well as its resistance to acid, alkali resistance, compression and stripping. It is used for making steam boiler and smelting furnace windows and mechanical parts. 

Muscovite Mica