Application of Wet Ground Mica Powder in Plastic

Nov. 27, 2017

1.Change the optical properties of plastic. Mica Flake has the function of reflection, radiation, infrared radiation, absorption and shielding of ultraviolet radiation. In this application, Mica Powder is important for its purity and flake structure. Drugs, cosmetics, food and other products need to shield light radiation, especially ultraviolet radiation, in order to improve the storage performance of products.

2.Improve the air tightness plastic. The wet mica powder has excellent flake shape, the crystallite thickness is nanometer, the diameter thickness ratio is 80-120 times, and the effective barrier area is large.

3.Improve the physical and mechanical properties of plastic. The coupling treatment of mica powder greatly improves the integrity of the material in the chemical sense, thus greatly improving the property of the material.

4.Improve the insulation performance of plastic products. Muscovite Mica has very high resistance and itself is high performance insulating material. It is well known that mica powder is used to improve the insulating property of materials.

Mica Flake