Physical And Chemical Properties Of Muscovite Mica

Feb. 20, 2019

Muscovite Mica, also known as ordinary mica, potassium mica or mica, is one of the mica minerals. Muscovite is a good electrical insulator and thermal insulator, and it can be produced in large quantities, so it has important economic value. It is usually produced in metamorphic rocks, but it is also produced in rocks such as granite. Muscovite is not just white, it can be lighter brown, green, red to colorless, with a glass luster to silky luster. The shape is a large plate-like, hexagonal crystal or a collection of fine particles.

Muscovite Mica Powder is characterized by insulation, high temperature resistance, luster, stable physical and chemical properties, and good thermal insulation, elasticity and toughness. It has good slidability and strong adhesion after being processed into mica powder. Due to the properties of mica and Mica Powder, there are mainly the following uses: daily chemical raw materials, mica ceramic raw materials, paint additives, plastic and rubber additives, building materials, protective layers for electrode coatings, for drilling mud filling Additive,

Muscovite Mica

Muscovite, belonging to phthalate, has the chemical formula: KAl2(AlSi3010)(OH)2, monoclinic system, hardness 2.5-4, specific gravity 2.77-2.88, often in the natural environment, slab-shaped pseudo-hexagonal crystal, Flaky or scaly. The color ranges from colorless to white, sometimes green, brown, etc. The streaks are colorless and have a completely complete set of joints.