Muscovite Mica Is Major Rock Forming Minerals

Apr. 23, 2018

Muscovite Mica is major rock forming minerals found in gneiss, schist and granite. The mica group includes muscovite mica and Biotite Mica. They often form in layers of sediment on sea floors. Weathering of continental rocks breaks large and small chunks of rock off the bigger older rocks.

Freshwater water and river water divides down the materials much further producing a variety of sediments. The sediments are carried to the sea from large rivers such as the Mississippi and Amazon Rivers. Each rainstorm brings a new layer of sediment that settles on the seafloor in addition to the previous layers. Each layer increases the thickness of the sediment that produces pressure and heat on the sedimentary layers below The title muscovite mica is derived from Muscovy-glass which utilized the mica in Russian window glass. Now muscovite mica is still used in glass made for wood stoves.

Muscovite Mica Powder is also used as a lubricant and in electric components. Biotite mica includes iron and magnesium minerals that create a dark mineral that is harder to see through than muscovite mica.

Muscovite Mica Powder