The Magical Effect of the Negative Ions Produced by Himalayan Salt Lamp

Sep. 11, 2019

As a Salt Lamp Factory, let's talk about the magical effects of negative ions produced by Himalayan Salt Lamp.

1) Manufacture of active oxygen: Negative oxygen ions can effectively activate oxygen molecules in the air, making them more active and more easily absorbed by the human body, effectively preventing "air conditioning diseases"

2) Improve lung function: After inhaling oxygen-carrying ions, the lungs can increase oxygen absorption by 20% and discharge 15% of carbon dioxide.

3) Promote metabolism: activate multiple enzymes in the body to promote metabolism.

4) Enhance disease resistance: It can change the body's ability to respond, activate the function of the reticuloendothelial system, and enhance the body's immunity.

5) Improve sleep: through the action of negative oxygen ions, people can be energized, work efficiency is improved, sleep can be improved, and there is obvious analgesic effect.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

6) Sterilization function: Himalayan Salt Lamp produces a large number of negative ions and produces a small amount of ozone. The combination of the two is more likely to adsorb various viruses and bacteria, causing structural changes or energy transfer, resulting in death. Dust removal and sterilization, reducing the harm of second-hand smoke are more effective, environmental protection and health can be seen.

7) Smoke and dust removal: negatively charged negative ions are neutralized with positively charged smoke dust floating in the air to cause natural deposition.

8) Protection: neutralize the high-voltage static electricity of TV and computer, and form a layer of negative ion protection layer in front of it to effectively reduce the damage of high-voltage static electricity generated by TV and computer to the eyes. Effectively prevent myopia, while reducing the damage of dust to TV and computer.

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