A New Trend: Himalayan Salt Lamp

Jun. 10, 2019

As a company offering Muscovite Mica, we are here today to introduce you to a new popular product!

Himalayan Salt Lamp is basically a salt crystal of different sizes, with the bulb inside. The salt lamp originated in Kewara: the Punjab region of Pakistan. The pink salt lamp is the best because the salt is the purest and contains 84 essential minerals, pink is due to the presence of essential minerals. These salt lamps are pure natural salt crystals that have been hand cut and hand carved, which is why they soothe your eyes and mind. Some people call salt lamps good for health, just as they can be used as air purifiers to reduce electromagnetic and mild radioactive substances in the air, promote better sleep, and create a stress-free environment in the surrounding environment.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp