Mica Powder Comprehensive Utilization Technical Method and Process Flow

Dec. 25, 2017

Non-metallic Mineral Product is raw mica beneficiation process. Raw mica is a mica crystal with any thickness larger than or equal to 4cm2 of mica crystal. The content of raw mica is called the ore-bearing rate, which is usually represented by the weight of the raw mica in the volume of the unit ore. Industry is mainly processed by using of mica natural crystal directly into the required products. The bigger the unflawed mica crystal, the higher the economic value. Therefore, in the process of mica ore selecting, we should protect the natural mica crystal as far as possible. The commonly used method has hand selection, friction selection, shape selection, flotation method and so on. Huayuan is China top Mica Power Supplier in China, any requirements, please feel free to contact us: grace@huayuanmica.com.

Non-metallic Mineral Product