Overview of Non-metallic Mineral Products

Jun. 05, 2018

Non-metallic Mineral Products are a distinctive group of chemical components from which no fresh merchandise could be generated if they're melted. Nonmetallic minerals include, by way of instance, gravel, sand, limestone, clay, and marble. Such substances lack metallic features such as good electrical and thermic conductivity, luster, rigor, and malleability; they are, nevertheless, essential for all businesses.

The nonmetallic minerals industry is famous for the production of cement, ceramics, glass, and grape products. Therefore, the selection of program is rather broad, from building materials to sanitary ware to tableware and cosmetic products. The conversion of Wet Ground Mica Powder within these products is frequently an energy-intensive procedure, which may consist of several measures, including grinding, heating, blending, cutting, forming and honing.

Non-metallic Mineral Products