Application of Mica for Paint and Coating

Nov. 02, 2017

Wet Ground Mica Powder diameter and thickness ratio reached 80-120times, such products have high coverage rate and UV absorption function, in the paint film can form efficient barrier effect.

1.Barrier effect. The sheet filler forms a basically parallel arrangement in the paint film, the permeation of water and other corrosive substances to the paint film is strongly blocked.

2.We ground mica powder can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the paint film.

3.Improve the abrasion resistance of paint film. Insulation performance, flame retardant.

4.Anti ultraviolet and infrared property.

5.Reduce subsidence, wet mica powder has excellent suspension performance. 

6.Heat radiation and high temperature paint gloss effect.

7.Mica has good pearly luster, when using large size mica flakes, it can endow materials with gloss, flash or reflection.

8.Sound insulation and shock absorption. 

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Paint Grade Mica