What Is The Characteristic of Phlogopite Mica?

Jan. 02, 2018

Phlogopite Mica is usually yellow, dark brown or black, shiny glass, cleavage is pearl or semi metallic luster. Phlogopite mica can be corroded by concentrated sulfuric acid, can be decomposed in concentrated sulfuric acid solution, and produce a kind of emulsion. 

The characteristic of phlogopite mica has complete cleavage of mica and golden reflection. Its difference from Muscovite Mica is that it can be decomposed in boiling sulfuric acid, muscovite can not. The most commonly used in industry is muscovite, followed is phlogopite. Unlike biotite mica, it is lighter in color. Phlogopite is mainly produced in the ultra basic rocks such as Kimberley rock, and contact metamorphism of dolomitic marble belt. Phlogopite mica is different from physical and chemical properties of muscovite mica, so it has many special functions and is used in many important fields.

Phlogopite Mica