The Differences Between Phlogopite Mica And Dehydrated Mica

Apr. 25, 2019

As a Wet Ground Mica Exporter, let's talk about the difference between phlogopite and dehydrated mica.

Dehydrated mica is a high-temperature roasting and dehydrating treatment of natural mica in a golden or reddish color. It is called dehydrated mica and is also called calcined mica. Some people call it "phlogopite" is not exact, it can only be called "golden mica". Dehydrated mica has a lot of special properties due to its water content 10 times lower than that of ordinary mica, and is widely used in many fields. The industry mainly uses its high electrical insulation and heat resistance. Mainly used in electrical, national defense, building materials, fire protection, welding electrodes, plastics, electrical insulation, paper, rubber, pearlescent pigments and other fields.

Phlogopite Mica is divided into dark phlogopite (brown or green in various shades) and light-colored phlogopite (light yellow in various shades). Light-colored phlogopite is transparent and has a glassy luster; dark phlogopite is translucent. Glass luster to semi-metallic luster, cleavage surface is pearl luster. The sheet is elastic. Not conductive. The microscope is colorless or brownish yellow under transmitted light. Phlogopite Mica is a good heat resistant insulating material because it has better heat resistance than muscovite.

Phlogopite Mica