Geology - On The Phlogopite Mica Deposit

Jul. 24, 2018

Phlogopite deposit

Phlogopite mica belongs to a subspecies of mica deposits. There are two main types of metallogenic deposits in China: the first type of magnesite-skarn type phlogopite mica deposit, which is produced in the dolomite metamorphic dolomite or dolomite dolomite which is in contact with granite or mixed rocks. The ore body is cystic, beaded or veined. Phlogopite mica in ore is usually plate-shaped or columnar crystal, in addition, it is associated with diophanite, apatite and calcite. For example, zhenping phlogopite mica deposit in hebei province. The second type is the alkaline ultrabasic carbonate-type phlogopite mica deposit, and the ore-bearing rocks are the alkaline pure olivine complex intruded along the archean and proterozoic mixed gneiss. For example, the phlogopite mica - vermiculite deposit in yuli and changbulake, xinjiang, is produced in a large basic pure olivine rock pipe. The ore is composed of phlogopite mica aggregate, loose block and angular gravel structure, scale crystalloblastic structure, and the ore content rate is 50% ~ 89%.

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