Phlogopite Is a Common Kind of Mica Power

Jun. 02, 2018

Phlogopite is a frequent kind of Mica Power in China, and it's typically distinguished by its own brownish-red colour. Phlogopite, such as another significant mica's, can come in rather big crystal sheets.

Biotite, yet another frequent mica, is known by the IMA as a nutrient group of associated micas instead then as a single mineral type. Phlogopite is among those member minerals of this Biotite group, and is structurally and chemically similar to another Biotite minerals. It signifies the calcium rich end member of this Biotite group, whereas the other kinds of Biotite are full of iron.

China Phlogopite Mica is quite difficult to wash because if cleaned it's going to absorb water and begin to break apart. The ideal way to scrub Phlogopite and other micas is using a sterile electric toothbrush.

China Phlogopite Mica