Plastic Added Mica Powder

Jul. 13, 2018

The addition of mica powder to plastics has been widely used in the international market for more than 10 years. The addition of mica to mica has the following characteristics: First, it enhances the physical and mechanical properties of plastics. The principle is similar to that of concrete in concrete, in plastics. The addition of mica not only enhances the effect, but also greatly reduces the cost of raw materials in the current environment. In addition, the addition of mica to the plastic can reduce the weight of the product and improve the insulation performance and lubrication performance of the plastic product. Mica is also added to plastics and has good air tightness. It can be used in pharmaceutical packaging and moisture-proof packaging. Mica can also change its optical properties in plastics, shielding UV, radiation and infrared absorption. This property is mainly used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and plastics industries.

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