Application of Mica Powder for Paint

Jan. 08, 2018

Sericite Mica used in paint application experiment, it can be substituted for white carbon black, clay, talcum powder, lithopone. The quality of the product conforms to the national standard, the cost can reduce a lot, and improve the anti-corrosion performance significantly.

In addition to the current in the paint, in order to prevent the precipitation of the manufacturers use large amount of organic clay, the large use of organic persoil will affect the compactness of the film, the resistance variation is poor, too small use amount can not up to the anti settling effect. If use China Sericite Mica instead of organic persoil, can not only prevent sediment, but also improve water resistance, and the method is simple, it can be added directly, simplifies the production process.

Sericite Mica