The Application Of Sericite Mica In Coatings

Mar. 19, 2019

With the development of society, users have put forward higher requirements on the performance and quality of various aspects of coatings. In order to improve the performance of coatings, new requirements have been put forward for coating properties. In the field of applied research in the coatings industry, Sericite Mica has been found to be a functional coating that not only acts as a body pigment, but also increases the fullness of the coating and prevents UV penetration, thereby improving the weatherability of the coating. Increase grease hardness and wear resistance and extend the life of the coating. It has excellent heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, film fastness and chemical resistance.

Sericite Mica

Since the Sericite Mica Powder has a sheet-like structure, it can prevent the coating from cracking and delay the pulverization, thereby improving the water permeability resistance of the coating film and improving the usability of the coating. The lower coefficient of thermal expansion, due to the change in humidity and the resistance to stretching caused by temperature changes, contributes to the improvement of the freeze-up and stain resistance of the film. The glamour of the decorative surface of the film is more durable, which can improve the coverage of the coating, reduce the amount of high-powder pigments, and reduce the cost. It can improve the sorption of the coating to make it more firmly bonded to the substrate.