Sericite Mica in Cosmetic Products

Jun. 15, 2018

Untreated Sericite Mica (generally only called sericite mica) is colourless and will raise the translucency of your merchandise. It'll reflect light, however it will be reduced lustre. It gives low care, so it is acceptable for mild to moderate foundations and eye shadows, and it will not clog your pores. It is not good at absorbing oils, and individuals with oily skin may discover their color turns ashy throughout the day (that is particularly a problem for darker skinned girls with greasy skin!) .

Great for light to moderate protection for normal to dry skin.

Cosmetic make-up was made out of talc as the most important filler since it has some decent attributes, but it may also clog pores that is precisely why some people today avoid such goods. Together with the discovery of sericite mica, it's managed to address this specific issue. We supply quality Mica for Cosmetic with factory price. Welcome to inquiry to us freely.

Sericite Mica for Cosmetic