Sericite Mica Powder Used for Rubber Industry

Jun. 20, 2018

Among the principal attributes are it will provide much better strength of the plastic product since it may be used for much better reinforcement effect. Hence, an individual can lower the use of carbon black. Sericte Mica additionally improves dimensional stability of this product like stress cracking in addition to stop aging, fortify the wear-resisting functionality because sericite is a item which doesn't age in comparison with rubber that has shorter shelf life. 

China Sericite mica Powder also boosts the warmth functioning of the rubber products since it could withstand elevated temperatures. On account of this minimal LOI, it'll reducing shrinkage and warping speed. Another important property is that Sericite can enhance gas permeability of the final plastic goods and thermal expansion of the goods.

China Sericite mica Powder