Do You Know Sericite Mica Options?

Apr. 02, 2018

In cosmetics China Mica Powder is employed in a wide selection of applications and is among the ingredients that may be utilised in bigger proportions in mineral makeup formulations. You may also add mica for just a little shimmer, an herbal colorant like alkanet or annatto, or even mineral oxides to produce your own lipstick! In makeup, it is extremely much like Sericite Mica that is used extensively as a very good makeup ingredient. Sericite mica reflects light but doesn't have a glittery appearance, it's also not matte.

Mineral makeup isn't only gentle, additionally, it covers exceptionally. Additionally, it will not clog pores as it is non-comedongenic, and is also great for those that suffer from skin sensitivity. It can give you a flawless finish if you have selected the right one for your skin type. It offers a natural alternative to products available in drug and department stores, and they may be well-tolerated if you have sensitive skin. Creating your own mineral makeup just is reasonable.

Sericite Mica