Introduction and Application of Sericite Mica

Jun. 12, 2018

The primitive fine clayare recovered in the ground by excavating itafter taking off the overburden which changes regarding the distinct site. They are then processed to several forms of Ground Mica Powder through the moist or dry procedure.

Sericite Mica China has been widely utilized in color cosmetic products which range from compact base to lipsticks by leading leading manufacturers in the makeup sector during the past twenty decades. Sericite Mica Powder enhances smoothness and adhesion to the skin that makeup may be worn more without flaking and creasing.It provides consistency to colors with its relative transparency, which makes it relevant to all colors and provides a soft translucent sheen into the last item.

The scanning electron microscope pictures indicates it has the scents, large aspect ratio, and also smooth surface and is extremely nice powder.

Sericite Mica Powder