Several Methods Of Mica Purification 1

May. 14, 2019

As a Phlogopite Mica Manufacturer, let's share with you several ways to purify mica.

1. Mica hand selection method purification

The hand selection method is to manually select the mica separated by the monomer on the ore face or the pit ore pile, or to crush the connected body by hand hammer to select the mica.

The method does not require complicated equipment, but the labor intensity is large, and the ore recovery rate can reach 80%, which is suitable for small mine production.

2. Mica friction dressing purification

The friction dressing method is based on the difference between the sliding friction coefficient of the mica crystal and the rolling friction coefficient of the circular gangue. The equipment used is numerous, and there are metal material sorting machines, spiral sorting machines, and inclined plates with deflectors. Plate sorter and slant plate sorter with "hill" plate.

When the method produces mica ore, the production efficiency is relatively high, but there are also major disadvantages, mainly when the thickness of the ore exceeds, the mica crystals having a shape similar to that of the gangue are easy to enter the gangue, and the flaky gangue may also enter. In the mica concentrate, and at present, the friction beneficiation process and mechanical equipment are still not perfect. Therefore, in the mica beneficiation industry production, friction dressing has not been widely applied.

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3. Mica shape beneficiation purification

The shape beneficiation method is separated according to the shape of the mica crystal and the gangue. The mechanical equipment used is a cylindrical sieve and a vibrating sieve. This method generally uses two or more sieves with different sieve holes. After the ore enters the sieve surface, small pieces of flaky mica and gangue can leak from the first sieve to the second sieve due to vibration or rolling action. The stone falls under the sieve, and the flaky mica remains on the sieve surface to achieve sorting.

The method is simple in application, low in equipment, high in production efficiency and strong in sorting ability, and is widely used in mica mining enterprises.

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