Several Methods Of Mica Purification 2

May. 23, 2019

As a Forest Green Granite Supplier, we continue to share with you the maturation method.

4. Mica wind selection method purification

The wind selection method is based on the difference in the sedimentation velocity of the mica and the gangue in the gas stream.

After the ore is crushed, the mica is basically formed into a flaky shape, and the gangue mineral feldspar and quartz are in the form of massive particles.

This method is not efficient and requires multiple stages of sorting or other methods to obtain the final product. According to the difference of the sedimentation velocity of the ore particles in the gas flow, the wind selection method can be subdivided into a chamber sorting method, a vibrating air sorting method, an air sorting method, and a shape-based air sorting method. In general, the use of air classifiers for moire selection in mica beneficiation is common.

Biotite Mica

5. Mica re-election method purification

The re-election method is a beneficiation method for sorting by the density difference or the difference in particle size of mica and gangue minerals. The re-election equipment used in common rectification includes a shaker and a spiral chute.

6. Mica flotation purification

Flotation separation of mica and gangue minerals, like the flotation separation of other minerals, is also based on the difference in crystal structure and composition of useful minerals and gangue minerals, and is achieved by adjustment of the chemical conditions.

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