Wet Ground Mica Powder in Insulation Material Aspect

Jan. 15, 2018

Wet Ground Mica Powder has very high resistance, and is widely known to use mica powder to improve the insulation of the material. One of the uses of rubber is to be used as insulating material for wire and cable, and the use of wet mica powder is an important means. It needs to be mentioned in mines, tunnels and cables used on similar occasions. These cables need to keep insulation under fire alarm conditions. 

A special kind of insulating material has been developed abroad. They are made up of silicone rubber and Mica Powder. Such insulating materials can be transformed into ceramic materials at high temperature at fire, they retain good insulation and mechanical strength, and make cables remain insulated under fire. The content of iron can reduce the mica insulation, the insulating material is generally not suitable for using dry mica powder.

Wet Ground Mica Powder