Do You Know Wet Ground Mica Powder Advantages in Ceramic Sanitary Ware?

Apr. 05, 2018

Huayuan Wet Ground Mica Powder has passed the rigorous testing of the institute of Chemical Testing inspection, SGS and other institutions. The products are featured with high quality, especially popular in German, American, Korean, Japanese and so on. They are widely used in pearlescent pigment base materials, cosmetic raw materials, high temperature resistant coatings, flame retardant materials, ceramic sanitary ware, etc.

Our Muscovite Mica has the following advantages:

1.Almost no lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals, non toxic, greatly enhance product quality.

2.It has unique patented technology, product narrow particle size distribution.

3.It has better sun protection, stable quality, factory price, which is suitable for cosmetic, ceramic sanitary ware.

Wet Ground Mica Powder